Environmental Control Measures undertaken by CAM

We have pollution control mechanisms in our company during manufacturing process.

  1. Bag filter system to absorb all air pollutants during polishing process.

           Clean air prevails to workers, general public and surroundings.

      2. Waste water treatment plant to treat waste from the washing process and discharge accepted and approved quality water into our drains.

           We save the water source and aquatics all along the drains to the river.

      3. All SW (Scheduled Waste) are collected and kept within regulatory grounds and disposed to authorized agents licensed by DOE.

           No SW thrown or exposed on ground to contaminate mother earth and water resources.

      4. All manufacturing processes done in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and control done so that products are Eco friendly



Bag filter system                                        Dust control system                                     Waste water treatment plant                                           SW storage room